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Fishing Info

Additional Fishing Information

 How long do we fish?
     Generally the charter will be 8 hours.  We usually will leave the dock at sunrise and return 3-4 pm. You may come in any time you want.  The departure time can be changed to whatever would be convenient.
      I love to take out the children.  They are the future.  I take pride in making a good day for the children and will do everything possible to see that they have a great day and catch fish.

What happens if we limit out early?
     If you want to keep on fishing we will!  We will usually catch and release on the walleye or if we have bait and time we will switch over to smallmouth or perch.
I will be your Captain!
       Please be assured that if you book with ME, you will fish with ME.   Remember this is my full-time occupation and I want to make sure you have the best day possible.  I will do everything I can to make sure you come back to fish with me again and again.
Multiple Boat Charters
        If you have more than six people that want to fish, I can arrange for other boats.  I will not just put the other people in any boat.  If I cannot get a good boat that will give you the same service that I provide, I will not do it.

       A $200.00 a day deposit is required to hold the date. No dates will go on the books until a deposit is received.  The deposit will be applied to another date on your 6-week cancellation. In case of bad weather, deposit will be refunded or applied to another date.
 In foul weather, do we fish or not?
      If the weather (wind) does not look good, what do we do?  Many days I get some great fishing when we have a good wind. I actually look forward to windy days.  If the day looks real windy, we have two options. Option 1 is if in my estimation, I believe that it is too windy, we are will not fish.  If I have safety concerns, we will not go. I always have final say-so if we are going to fish or not.  Option 2 is we can go out but it is going to be rough.  Under this option, you decide whether or not you will go.  Under both options, deposit will be refunded or applied to another date if you don't fish.

Canadian Fishing
       We will from time to time go over to Canadian waters to fish, depending on fishing conditions.  This involves going on line and getting a Canadian fishing license, if you want to go over.

Helping the Captain
         Generally the captain has ran many charters and has certain routines that he follows.  The Captain will ask if he wants you to do something on the boat.  It is the best thing to sit back and let the Captain and crew do the work.  This includes not grabbing dock lines and getting on the boat before the Captain is on the boat.

Fishing Licenses
        You can go online and get your fishing licenses at Or stop at any store that sells fishing or hunting licenses.  You can get a fishing license at the store at the Marina.

You Can get Canadian fishing licenses at: