The Island Hopper is Know as One of the best boats on Lake

The extra widith of the Hopper gives you plenty of room


2008 Island Hopper Boat (12 1/2' beam)

The Island Hopper is a semi-custom boat built in Sebring, Florida.  I had been looking at this boat for some time and bought it. This boat has lots of room!  The boat has a 12 1/2 foot beam and 4 people can comfortably fish on the stern of the boat at one time (see pictures at bottom).  Also there is room for everybody to sit down in the cabin while under way and be in an enclosed area out of the wind and spray. The boat has a private head, two VHF radios, three GPS mapping receivers, and three fish finders along with all the other safety equipment required.  The boat and charter are fully insured.

The boat is inspected annually by the Coast Guard to make sure it is in first-class shape.  While this inspection is not mandatory for six-pack boats, I make sure it is done.  Many other boats do not do this and try to stay away from being inspected.  I'm very particular about making sure everything is ship-shape on the boat. If something is not right, I will make sure it is properly repaired. This is my full-time profession and I take pride in my boat and the charter service I provide.  This boat is my livelihood and I make sure it is right.

Why do you want to fish on a Island Hopper boat? 

  • The Boat has a 12 1/2' beam.  This means a lot of extra room on the boat.  Four people can fish across the back of the boat at one time.
  • The boat has a hardtop.  Everybody can sit down under the hardtop when I'm running and no one will get wet from rain or spray, unlike the 30' Sportcraft that most of the other charters run.
  • The boat is well equipped with the latest fishing technology.
  • Osprey Charters voluntarily has the boat inspected annually by the Coast Guard.
  • The boat is fully insured.
  • AM & FM radio with CD player
  • All required safety equipment
  • Roomy bow (If you feel comfortable fishing on the bow, you are welcome to go up).
  • Cell Phone


Notice how much room you have on the Osprey